SooAe V-Line Chin Up Mask

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A compression facial treatment mask structurally designed to lift and firm the chin and jawline to deliver convenient and enhanced face contour for the perfect V-line. Designed to hang from both ears, this unique mask helps to fight the appearance of sagging and provides additional care with hydrolyzed collagen and botanical extracts including ginger, rice, camellia, jojoba oil, sunflower oil helping to plump up the skin with moisture. The chin is tightened with enhanced structural lift and firmness of the overall face.


  • Use as your final skincare step
  • Line up the holes in the center of the mask to your jaw and lift up sides following the jawline in shape of the letter "V"
  • Find the holes at the ends of the mask, gently pulling them to loop over your ears
  • Leave on for 30-40 minutes then remove mask

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