PYUNKANG YUL Black Tea Time Reverse Eye Patch


Time reversing power of fermented Black Tea (Kombucha) and hand-picked Korean herbal ingredients for dull skin!

  • Fermented black tea that is rich of polyphenol and catechin, and anti-aging ingredients provide elasticity and deep wrinkle care to the dull and sagging under eye area.
  • Anti-oxidant energy of fermented Black Tea
  • Anti-wrinkle & Skin brightening with Peptide and Adenosine
  • Intensive care with nutrition & moisture with Low-molecular Collagen and Black Soybean Extract
  • Zero irritation certified

Size: 60 pieces 


  • Gently lift and separate a delicate eye patch and apply onto your clean, dry under-eye area and relax for about 20-30 minutes, discard after use and gently pat any remaining serum into your skin.