Purito Konjac Sponge


A perfect match for my sensitive skin! It’s very soft, smooth like a mochi!

Its perfect grip along with plentiful foam helps cleanse every area of the face. Feel relieved from bacteria and molds as Bamboo charcoal has preservative effect. Also, due to its fine texture, it helps remove dead skin cells without irritation and provides moisture after washing your face.

Size: 1 sponge


  • Moisten the product with warm water before use to make it smooth.
  • Use an appropriate amount of the cleanser to make bubbles.
  • Wash your face while massaging gently in a circular motion.
  • After washing with clean water, do not wring it out. Press gently.


Devil's-tongue jelly 95%, Bamboo Charcoal 5%. Pure Konjac powder, Jeju Volcanic Scoria.