MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Original Shampoo 680 ml


RENEWAL Product!

A reparative shampoo for damaged hair. Hair-nourishing shampoo with its special combination of 7X Perfect Oil,
and micro protein strengthens and smooth hair. 

  • This shampoo features fine dust blockage effect and increases hydration, intensity, sleekness, and elasticity of hair while decreases split ends and tangled hair. Hair strength is improved approximately 14%, bounciness is improved by approximately 12%, splitting and breakage of hair have decreased by approximately 50%, and roughness in hair has improved approximately by 19%.
    • Testing Agency: Elleas / Period: July 2 - July 12, 2019 / No. of subjects: 22 women in their 40s and 50s
  • Perfect for your daily usage, this shampoo will gently clarifies build-up dusts while maintaining hair's natural oils.
  • Free of harmful chemicals such as mineral oil, animal oil, synthetic pigments, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, and polyacrylamide.
  • Except for the pump, the 25% of the package is made from plant-derived biomass and is recyclable. Join us to cut back on waste to save the world :)

 A special blend of 7 nature-oriented oils adds shine, revitalizes damaged hair, and helps prevent breakage and split ends.

Highlighted Ingredients:

  1. Golden Morocco Argan Oil: Deeply revitalizes hair for dry and frizzy hair
  2. Camellia Oil: Adds instant nourishment
  3. Apricot Oil: Adds shine without being greasy and softens hair
  4. Coconut Oil: Replenishes every strands and keeps scalp healthy
  5. Olive Oil: Reduces scalp irritation and dandruff
  6. Jojoba Oil: Encourages hair growth and repair damage from heat and styling
  7. Manula Oil: Hydrates dry, frizzy, or brittle hair

Size: 680 ml


Take an adequate amount, apply all over the scalp and hair and rinse off with water.


Purified water, sodium laureth sulfate, fragrance, dimethicone, lauric acid, cetyl alcohol, cocamide M, lauryl hydroxyl facility, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, citric acid, trihydroxystearin, hydroxy Hydroxypropyl guahydroxypropyl trimonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, sorbitol, caprylyl glycol, di-C12-13 alkyl maleate, laureth-2, sodium salicylate, PPG-7, amodimethicone , Tetrasodium IDT, polyquaternium-11, disodium IDT, PG-14M, laureth-23, laureth-3, polyquaternium-55, carbomer, mica, red iron oxide, steatrai Monium chloride, silica, lactic acid, argan kernel oil, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), BHC, jojoba seed oil, coconut palm oil, apricot seed oil, olive oil, camellia seed oil, marula seed oil, coco-cap Relais Yt / caprate, sodium chloride, PEG-150 pentaerythryltetrastearate, pyji-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide, glycolipid