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Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask Sheet (1 Single)


Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask Sheet (1 Single). Mineral water, a natural moisturizing ingredient, moisturizes the skin with rich minerals and hyaluronic acid.  Ceramide protects the skin from dehydration.The active ingredients create soft, moist skin by removing unnecessary keratin and helping the absorption of moisture.  It helps to enhance elasticity and repair rough skin. Leaders Mediu's Amino masks contain 17 different types of amino acid, which are natural moisturizing factors, Amino masks help to moisturize, protect, and soothe the skin by supplementing the essential ingredients for skin composition.

Recommended for Dry/All skin types.


  • After washing face, place single sheet on face for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Remove sheet mask and pat down remaining essence.

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