JUMISO AC Cure Cover Patch 30 patches


Vegan acne patches are just 0.4mm thick and surrounded by a 0.39mm edge to ensure smooth adherence. Each packet includes two sheets of patches in two different sizes, totaling 30 pieces.

  • Waterproof hydrocolloid patch absorbs exudate from the wound to maintain moist environment while protecting the area from secondary infection and external pollutants.
  • It has thick center that absorbs exudate and thin edge which makes it unnoticeable and stay on the skin for a long time.
  • Includes: (10mm*9ea)+(12mm*6ea)*2=30ea

Size: 30 patches


  • On cleansed and dry skin, apply the patch to target areas and leave until white and replace.


Polyisobutylene, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, Rosin ,Polybutene, Mineral Oil