Goodal Fermented Wild Flower Sheet Masks

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  • Baby Perennis Radiance Sheet Mask (5EA): The radiance mask provides hydro radiance to the skin with moisturizing effect of baby perennis (daisies.)
  • Cherry Blossom Revitalizing Sheet Mask (5EA): The vitality mask revitalizes tired skin with the abundant life energy of cherry blossoms.
  • Daffodil Moisture Sheet Mask (5EA): The moisture mask moisturizes dry, flaky skin with he strong moisture-storing effect of daffodils, which blossom even in cold winters by filling their roots with moisture.
  • Lily Whitening Sheet Mask (5EA): The whitening mask brightens the dull skin tone with the anti-oxidant function of lilies.
  • Night Flower Nutrition Sheet Mask (5EA): The nourishing mask provides radiance to dry and flaky skin with night flowers (evening primrose) that blossoms by the spirit of the moonlight.
  • Orchid Antiwrinkle Lifting Sheet Mask (5E): The elasticity mask makes the skin younger by providing elasticity to sagging skin with the regenerative energy of orchids that stay green and do not whither.
  • Prunella Pore Care Sheet Mask (5EA): The pore mask provides a refreshing feel to the skin and tightens enlarged pores with the temporary pore-shrinking effect of prunellas, which is rich in tannin.
  • Watery Blue Flower Calming, Soothing Sheet Mask (5EA): The soothing mask eliminates skin problems with gentle, nourishing effect of watery-blue flowers (forget-me-nots.)


  • After washing and toning, take mask out of packaging and unfold.
  • Using fingertips apply mask to face adjusting to your face contour.
  • Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently pat the face to absorb remaining formula.
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