Forencos "Song Joong Ki" 7 Days Mask (Single Sheet)

$ 3.00


Forencos "Song Joong Ki" 7 Days Mask are designed to target a specific skin concern each day. Each day's mask also features specials ingredients. After 7 days, you'll be left with brighter, firmer, heather and beautiful skin. Each mask has been made with a quality natural silk sheet and well know natural extract components that are used to make high quality cosmetics.

  • Sunday - Black Pearl Brightening Silk Mask
  • Saturday - Mayu Elastic Silk Mask
  • Friday - Gold Regenerating Silk Mask
  • Thursday - Teatree Relax Silk Mask
  • Wednesday - Caviar Moisture Silk Mask
  • Tuesday - Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask
  • Monday - Swallow's Nest Nutrition Silk Mask(


  • After washing and toning, take mask out of packaging and unfold.
  • Using fingertips apply mask to face adjusting to your face contour.
  • Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently pat the face to absorb remaining formula.
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