Etude House My Beauty Tool Sugar Silicone Puff


Multi-purpose silicone puff for use when applying skin care products, make up and even as an ice pack.
Size: 1 piece 


  • Skincare > Put skin care products, such as cream and essence on the puff and lightly dab it over the skin.

  • Makeup > Put makeup products, for example, foundation and BB on the puff. 1/3 of amount that you usually use should be plenty. Apply over the skin and lightly dab for better blending.

  • Mixing palette > Take an adequate amount of different products, different colors or textures, put them on the puff, mix well and apply.

  • Ice pack > Refrigerate the puff. Put it over the eyes and massage by gently dabbing it to reduce puffiness.

    (Unpack and clean the product under running water. Be sure to clean it using wet wipes or running water after use for next time. 
    Do not remove the protective film on the silicon puff when using it.)

[Ingredients] Silicon