White Aura Serum by Dr.G Gowoonsesang is a refreshing whitening gel essence. Its Cell-Light Complex has a three-step melanin-blocking and whitening function which lightens melanin pigmentation. White Aura Serum restores skin elasticity and moisture level to reveal a brilliant and translucent complexion.

Use in the morning and evening. Apply an appropriate amount of White Aura Serum to cleansed and toned face. Pat lightly with fingertips for better absorption.

Expert Whitening White Aura Serum is well known for it’s 3-step root whitening system:

  1. Suppress the formation of melanin (α-Melight).
  2. Suppress the movement of melanin (CellActive-White).
  3. Suppress the coloring process of melanin (Organic Edelweiss Extract).
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