Dr.G Hydra Intensive Emulsion

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Highly moisturized emulsion to fill up shiny and moisture with natural moisturizing factor
"Shiny moisturizing" for resilient and glossy skin: The emulsion is smoothly absorbed into skin without being sticky and makes skin soft and glossy by completely moisturizing and glazing skin texture.
Soft moisturizing barrier : 6 kinds of inherent natural moisturizing factors of skin forms the soft protective film, strengthens the skin to be moist and protects skin even in dry environment.
Skin protection from being dry by protecting and nourishing elements : Evening primrose oil and Biosaccharide gum-1 protect skin from harmful elements by forming the barrier on the skin which can be easily sensitive by being dry.


  • After toning - essence - serum, apply the emulsion to the entire face and gently pat for better absorption
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