Dr.G Aquasis Water Soothing Gel Cream

$ 42.00 $ 21.00

 Proved maintain power for 48 hours, increase moisture possession after 4 weeks : Longer and milder as skin absorbed ever~ “Aqua Soothing Water™” is included to enhance moisture possession for more than 48 hours
 Water gel type cream without sticky : Right after it applies to skin it absorbs without sticky and gives fresh finishing. Not only dry skin but also cares trouble skin due to lack of moisture
 Reduces skin temperature one more time! Cooling~ : Moisture base cream that cools down skin temperature close to healthy skin and cares heated and tired skin  Low molecular hyaluronic acid + buckwheat seed extractor : Maximize skin absorption with low molecular hyaluronic acid to deliever deep inside of skin, and buckwheat seed extractor gives cooling effect to find healthy skin temperature that has been increased by outside heat

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