Doori Daeng Gi Meo Ri Dlae Soo Anti-Hair loss Shampoo

$ 25.00


DAENG GI MEO RI Dlae Soo Anti-hair Loss Shampoo contains more than 33% oriental herbal extracts to prevent hair loss, to supply nutrition, to provide shine hair and to care the scalp. A powerful selection of eight decocted oriental herbal extracts (Eoseongcho, Hasuo, Arbor Vitae leaves, Ginseng, Mugwort, Morus Bark, Rehmanniae Radix, Wild Chrysanthemum) and Lingshi mushroom grown in Korea provides nutrition and reinforces the hair. The Jeju camellia oil is very rich in essential lipids, and is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils. It makes hair texture shiny and provides deep nutrition and moisture as well as helps to maintain the lipid balance of the hair fiber, imparting a supple and velvety feel. You will enjoy its mild camellia scent!

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  • Lather onto scalp before rinsing 
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