9wishes Ampule Serums


9Wishes Ampule Serums are a lightweight, hydrating ampule that are highly concentrated with ingredients to target your skin concerns. 

    • Mega Vitamin Serum : For those who want to provide skin with nourishment. (This Serum combined with Vitamin B7, C, E, betaine, Royal jelly extract helps improve nutrition-deficient skin and prevent premature signs of aging.)
    • Miracle White Serum : Work on skin tone. (We all love spending time in the sun, but no one loves the damage UV rays leave behind.
      This clear and corrective formula of highly effective ingredients like Glutathione, Niacinamide, and Allantoin diminishes the number and intensity of dark spots and discolorations.)
    • Calm : Skin calm effect, Calm down acne or rash. (​Protects rough skin from harmful external activities with moisture care. Infused with Centella Asiatica, the innovative serum repairs delicate skin and improve skin condition. Panthenol and origanum vulgare provide long-lasting hydration and anti-irritant properties to reduce redness and sensitivity.)
    • Extreme Oxygen : When you get stress from over work. (This miracle white ampule serum helps keep skin hydrated for a long time and effectively adjust the skin's oil and moisture balance, which refreshes skin anti-stress. This serum contains mineral-rich carbonated water instead of purified water which replenishes hydration to the skin.)
    • Ultimate Collagen : Work on your wrinkles. (This specially developed serum contains a unique combination named Ultimate-Collagen, which is composed of Hydrolysed Collagen, Marine Collagen and Coenzyme Q10.
      The Hydrolysed Collagen promote skin elasicity and suppleness of your youth. Marine Collagen and Coenzyme Q10 makes your skin nourish and replenish with vital energy.)

    Size: 300 ml


    • After the toner, apply appropriate amount on the skin and gently let it absorb.