Hallyu Cosmetics in Austin & Giveaway~!

January 13, 2018

It’s a new year and new things are happening at Hallyu Cosmetics in Austin!

Our Austin location is one of the premier spots for all your Korean cosmetics and skin care products. Located in the heart of Austin, customers can come check out our various products and test them out, something you can’t do online! Are you new to Hallyu Cosmetics and Korean skin care? Hallyu Cosmetics is a Korean skin care and makeup shop based out of Houston, Texas. Our goal is to bring the latest innovations in cosmetics from South Korea to the United States and reach out to a wider audience.

Have you heard about the extensive Korean 10 step skin care routine but have no idea where to start? Well Hallyu Cosmetics has you covered!

The Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine: Oil Based Cleanser and Makeup Remover Start off with using makeup remover and an oil based cleanser to start off getting your skin clean and ready to go! 2. Water Based Cleanser With this cleanser, wash away anything left over from your oil cleansing for a fresh and ready to go face. 3. Exfoliator This can be optional, but get rid of all those dead skin cells with an exfoliator. 4. Toner Prepping the skin for all the hydration and moisture, a toner helps balance your pH levels and hydrate your skin. You can apply toner using a cotton pad or your hands. 5. Essence An essence is a skin treatment! These usually have an active ingredient to help treat with a specific skin issue. 6. Serums, Ampoules, or Treatments These have a more higher concentration of active ingredients, think of a stronger version of an essence! 7. Eye Cream Specific for the eye area, an eye cream is going to be thinner and more sensitive! You cannot replace an eye cream with a face cream! 8. Moisturizer This will act like a seal to keep all the hydration and for all the layers you just applied on your skin! 9. Sleeping Mask/Pack This step is the last step in a night skin care routine! This will act like a barrier to seal in all the products you just used and it will keep it from drying out throughout the night. In the morning, you would wash the mask off! 10. Sun Protection If you are doing your routine in the morning, then your last step would be to apply sunscreen! This step is important and we recommend using a sunscreen with 35+ SPF!

Exciting News! We are excited to announce a special giveaway for the new year! On Saturday, January 20th, 2018, the first 25 customers to visit the Austin location will receive a FREE GOODAL SKINCARE GIFT SET (an original value of $25). Customers won’t want to miss out on this amazing giveaway. Stop by Hallyu Cosmetics for all your skin care questions and concerns, especially this day! We would love to answer any of your questions and make sure to bring a friend and let them be introduced to the magic of Korean skin care.

About Goodal: Goodal is all about conveying the pure and powerful energy of nature. Goodal is the perfect brand for anyone looking for natural cosmetics. Don’t miss out on this special giveaway

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