A Reddit Haul from a Korean Perspective

August 25, 2016

A Reddit Haul from a Korean Perspective

A shot of the whole haul.

The first brand I'll show is CLIO. CLIO is known as a collection dedicated for professional makeup artists and makeup gurus and loved broadly over generations. Their color pigments are always satisfactory. I believe you could easily think of its concept as comparable to a MAKEUPFOREVER or M.A.C. They have way more shades and tones of color variation than other brands.

Club CLIO location in Ehwa University, Seoul.

For some of you who have been to Korea, this is how the beauty stores are located on the street. We started to call them "Road Shops" since they are on the road and not in a department store, which give easy access and unfocused targets. I'll talk more about road shops later in the post.

Inside of Club CLIO

They recently opened flagship locations not only for CLIO but also with its sister brands like Peripera and Goodal.

Hyo-Jin Gong drawing her brows with Kill brows tinted tattoo

CLIO is promoted by a famous romantic comedy tv drama heroine, Hyo-Jin Gong, as some of you already know. She appeared as a teen magazine fashion model in 90's and successfully moved her career into acting. In a recent drama, "It's Okay, That's Love", she starred with In-Sung Jo, showing her unique fashion sense. Below is some of her outfits. It's mostly neutral color tones and comfy pants. It made lots of fans and followers of that style.

Her bang style is called "See Through Bangs" because you do have bangs, but it's just a little of it so it parts easily and shows some of your forehead which makes a more natural and opened look. I think that's the only bang style Korean girls do nowadays.

I love her make up here(mainly contrasted on lips and brows) and the skirt. Her latest K-Drama was "Producer(프로듀사)" in 2015. If you are into Korean drama, I really recommend it. And many say she used some of CLIO's makeup for this drama she filmed while she was promoting the brand.


For most Korean foundation I use 21 (among 21/22/23) and Sand shade from BobbiBrown. I received the 02-Linen shade and it suited my tone. It also has a slight rosy pigment in it that gave a healthy glow effect on my skin.

It comes with an applicator brush that has a pea size dimple on the top for foundation placement. The brush is flat on the top and very smooth.


A shot with opened lid. I dipped my finger tip to try the texture, it was smooth and silky. This one is the 02-Lingerie shade.


The above is highly rated. The concept is simple. Just like lip tints, this felt tipped pen will stain the targeted area over your eye brows and will not come off easily. It also comes with a brow mascara on the other end, and it looks like this package comes with electronic brow trimmer. I've used Kill Brow before since it was a big hit in Korea. Since I have so little eye brow hairs and how my eye brow pencils usually rub off easily, this was a time saving/confident raising product for me. Since the Korean eye brow trend is straight and thicker for a younger look, these work great.


The Korean words on the box says over 62% of hydrating ampoule is combined for 24 hours of moisture. Since Cushion Foundations are so popular these days for a natural glow on skin makeup, I think this has both good coverage and moisturization.

A close-up shot

I love having air puffs in the foundation. Application is so much faster and easier with them.


They are a relatively new brand and made a huge hit with its Moisture Barrier Cream. They are a sister brand of CLIO. To say CLIO takes care of all color make up possibilities, Goodall will back up your skin's health. In Kbeauty, concerns with skin care are mostly remedied with lots of protection and moisturizing products. I received several products including the Moisture Barrier Cream as a luxury sized sample and can't wait to try.

Sun protection is skin care 101, an elementary level of Asian Beauty. I believe everyone here is with me. I do care a lot for blocking myself from direct sun light. Living under the bright Texas sun, it is essential to have this protection on me on an everyday basis. In Korea, most women carries one or two of these in their purse and re-apply on the recommended hours. Sun umbrellas, sun glasses, and paper masks are essential on sunny days for them. For example, my mom (60) has not let herself under bare sun without a sun umbrella in her life. That tells you how much they prepare to block out the UV rays. I do, too.

A texture comparison shot.

Natural Filter is thicker and creamier while Watery is more of a lotion texture.


This is after smoothing on the skin for a few stokes. It later absorbed in the skin and left no white cast.


I applied it to the back of the hand area. (the lower white part is the Goodal Natural Filter sunscreen). You can't really see any since it's already absorbed in with a few strokes. It did not even leave feeling of wearing something or any kind of shine on my skin. I would do another review of these two products in the future to compare more and how they work with foundations. I will definitely use SPF 50 for longer outings and sunny days and use SPF 30 for everyday use as another step in addition to my face lotion.

A shot of Premium Gold Snail Sleeping Pack.

I see actual gold shimmers in them. Texture is rich but smooth on the skin. Since it is a sleeping pack, I placed a generous amount on the skin before bed and found my skin still moisturized, soft, and smooth in the morning. I washed off with water and it easily came off.

Above is a close up shot for the PREMIUM GOLD SNAIL CREAM (Sample size)

I just opened the lid and found a thread between the contents and lid. The texture is rich but light on skin. It is delightfully sticky and lasts long on the skin.

Samples from GOODAL

Photo doesn't include the Moisture Barrier Cream and Premium Snail Cream which are also samples.

Road Shops

As I mentioned before, road shops literally means shops on the street. Before Missha and all others, beauty brands mostly located inside of department stores or just had one or two locations if it's a small city. Or there were "selected collections of various brands-shop" here and there but their merchandise and prices weren't consistent or regulated. A trend started happening to make some of the brands more approachable and affordable. A lot of single brand store locations opened on busy streets, near subway stations, universities, and more. So you don't have to take a bus or taxi just to shop your make up/skin care, you can buy them on the way back from school or work. So they came with lots of lower priced but good quality products along with fast moving trends. And I believe that's how the Korean beauty brands bloomed. Now there are more than you can count out there and I'm always exploring.

A few brand names of road shops.

Now, not only the lower priced brands are on the street, brands like CLIO and lots of other brands who only lived inside of department stores are now on the street as well to compete with road shops. The busy streets are mostly packed with beauty stores and coffee shops.

Look how beautifully they coordinate their stores on the street.

Warm? Cool?

Another trend in Korea in 2015 was personal color. Many of you already knew. This came from the U.S., depending if your skin tone is warm tone based or cool tone based, you can select makeup or fashion colors that flatter you up.

Translated: Questions to decide if you are warm or cool.

Get red under sun for long time.
Silver jewelry look better on you.
Pink tone lipsticks look better on you.
White top looks better on you.
Red, pink, and blue color nail polishes look better on you.
Has lot of redness on your face.
People think your style is pure or chic.

Get tanned easily under the sun
Gold jewelry look better on you.
Orange lipstick look better on you.
Ivory or beige top looks better on you.
Brown, orange, and green color nail polishes look better on you.
Has a lot of yellowness on your face.
People think your style is lovely or sexy.

And according to that, here are the colors that flatters your personal tone.

An example of cool/warm.

She looks brighter and smoother with a bright lemony yellow color(cool), while looking darker and blemished with a warmer tone yellow(warm). So she is more likely a cool toned base and will look better with cool tone colors.

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